Books That Inspire Me Along My Personal Journey

The Magic20161211_190052

by Rhonda Byrne

The Magic is book 3 of 4 in The Secret (4 Book Series)

In this book, author Rhonda Byrne introduces us to the concept of Gratitude as it relates to The Secret aka The Law of Attraction and Manifestation. The book is written using the “28-day challenge” model as a technique to assist readers in implanting gratitude into their subconscious mind.

I personally feel that gratitude still doesn’t receive the amount of attention it should be receiving within the New Age and Law of Attraction communities. This book is a great tool for anyone ready to make practicing gratitude a part of their daily habit and way of life. I’ll admit I got a bit distracted and fell off track about halfway through this book, but I’ve started back at Day One more determined than ever to complete the full 28-day plan – one task a day – over the next 28 days!


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