INTRODUCING: “Read. Watch. Listen.”

Quick fact about me:  I’m a learnaholic!

Which is the main reason it’s always a bit of a struggle for me when it comes to maintaining balance between learning about things and actually getting out and doing those things.

For those of you that have also experienced this struggle at least once in your life: This segment is for you!

My initial concept (which is highly likely to undergo several adjustments) is that I will create a new blog post each day under the “Read. Watch. Listen.” aka RWL category of my blog page. My main focus for this segment will be to compile and share links to educational and/or thought-provoking content that is either available in written, audio or video format. Many of the posts will contain content which follows the theme of whatever guided information I am receiving at that particular time. Some posts will contain a mix of content that is totally random. It all just kind of depends on where I’m at with Spirit that day!

1 HOUR – That is the target length of time that it would take one of my readers to “consume” all of the suggested content included within that day’s RWL post.

So Without further ado:  RWL #1


–>>  F*ck Yeah! – by Julie Dittmar <<–


I asked some of my friends and family members to please view my first Road to Bliss YouTube video upload and provide me with their feedback. A couple of people had only this feedback to give:

“I’m not personally offended by the fact you use a little bit of profanity in your video, but some people out there might be.”

Here’s all I have to say about that… F*ck Yeah! – By Julie Dittmar


If you want to find your purpose in life, you must first have a clear understanding as to what it is you’re actually searching for.

My first “Watch” is one of Teal Swan’s early videos and is such a no-brainer for so many reasons. The Road to Bliss is the path you take as you attempt to find your purpose and then move into alignment with that purpose.


I first heard this song while driving from San Francisco to Arizona. This song finally triggered something inside of me that shouted “WAKE UP!” At that moment, everything that happened during the remainder of the trip became part of the catalyst into my Awakening.

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