Want to Let Sh*t Go? – Dance Like No One is Watching

I understand it sounds cliché – of course I’m referring to the whole “dance like no one is watching” concept. But I’ll still come right out and say it: That shit works!


Today I encountered one of those “sensitive subject” challenges that really tested me; you know the type: they usually involve someone close to you mirroring those pesky shadows that your ego’s been trying to “protect” you from actually confronting and working on…but more on the shadow/ego/mirroring dynamic in another post…the purpose of this post is to provide you with a very useful and practical tool to add to your tool belt of techniques that can be of assistance when you need to let some shit go RIGHT NOW.

Now we’re going to break down the two main components involved in this technique which are – The type of music/songs you are dancing to and the physical act of dancing and explore some of the how’s and why’s dancing like no one is watching is a GREAT tool for raising your vibrations (or for keeping a stressful or irritating interaction with someone from lowering them):

Choosing Your Music

The three musical elements we will be looking at when making our “Let Shit Go” playlist are:

  • Pitch
  • Speed
  • Lyrics


Pitch/tones are incredibly straight forward concepts when it comes to vibrations. If a song has a high pitch tone, it vibrates at a higher frequency. On the contrary, songs comprised of lower pitch tones vibrate at a lower frequency.


The speed of a song is referred to as the BPM (beats per minute), and the relationship here is about as straight forward as the pitch/vibration correlation. The faster the song (the higher the BPM), the higher the frequency of the vibrations. So obviously slower songs, aka lower BPM, means lower frequency vibrations.


While not quite as cut and dry as the relationship between pitch and speed to the frequency at which music vibrates, it still isn’t too difficult to determine the effect of lyrics on musical vibrations. Lyrics are words. Words are used to communicate vibrations between people and are very effectively used in this way because words actually hold vibrations of their own (which is also why they are so relevant in numerology). Here’s where common sense comes into play: words that hold a generally negative connotation such as “heartbreak” and “lonely” vibrate at a lower frequency. Words that are often thought to be uplifting such as “beautiful” and “strong” vibrate at a higher frequency.

Now Bust a Move!

Now that you’ve got your playlist queued up, let your best (some might say they’re your worst but who cares) dance moves shine as you take the stage! My “stage” is generally my kitchen or living room. Seriously folks, don’t hold back here. Smile, laugh at yourself, move around as much as possible! Throw in some hair flips and air guitar chords if your heart desires! Here’s what this does in terms of your vibrations:

Plain and simple vibration is movement. If you are dancing your heart out, there is no doubt you are moving a lot. The harder you dance, the more you move, the higher your overall vibrational frequency will be. Another physiological phenomenon that will be occurring during your dance party will be a HUGE release of endorphins (aka “feel good” hormones) that will add to your natural high.

So to Sum it Up:

When you experience something during the course of your day that has the potential to be a real buzzkill, it may not always be appropriate to grab your journal, sit near your altar and spend a few hours meditating and doing shadow mapping. So when you need to keep yourself from falling into an instant funk, get your groove on to some songs with positive lyrics combined with high BPM and high pitch tones.

Happy Dancing Everyone!

Note:  Please don’t take this as my way of saying you should only ever listen to music that is of the highest vibration. I am a firm believer that sometimes you need to “be in” a state of low vibrations because you are “going through it” and are ready to dive in and do some shadow work; in these times listening to music that matches your current state of lower vibrations is appropriate and a vital part of the healing process.

Sending Love and Light,


2 thoughts on “Want to Let Sh*t Go? – Dance Like No One is Watching

  1. Yes girl! At my moments of breaking, ripping my hair out and wanted to punch things there is no better way to alter my vibration then to dance it out! Thank you. This is a reminder that everyone needs. Dancing it out, alone lets me connect with ME. It’s a rare moment in ones day when you set aside time and energy for yourself. Embrace the boogie. Thank you lady.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Erin, thank you girlie! I’m so grateful that you read my post…I thought about you the whole time I was writing it (I know you can’t help but believe me when I say that too, haha)! Are you blogging yet, btw?! Don’t be a stranger xoxo


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